Lombardi Population Health Assessment in the Washington D.C. Catchment Area

DC Map

The Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC) catchment area is defined based on the geographic area it serves inclusive of Washington, D.C. and neighboring counties of Maryland and Virginia. 2015 Census tract data from the District of Columbia, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland and Arlington and Fairfax counties were used to determine the catchment population. The LCCC catchment area includes 3,993,277 million residents representing the following distributions: District of Columbia (17%); Montgomery (26%) and Prince George’s (22.8%) counties in Maryland; and Arlington (5.7%) and Fairfax (28.6%) counties in Virginia (left figure). The overall race/ethnicity distributions are: non-Hispanic White, 39.3% (N=1,571,853); Black/African-American, 31.2% (N=1,247,357); Hispanic/Latino, 16.2% (N=648,624); and Asian, 11.7% (N=467,557). Our predominant minority populations are Black/African- American and Hispanics totaling 47.4% of the catchment area population.

Image left: Wards 7 & 8 are East of the River, and are home to the highest cancer rates in the District.