Master of Science in Epidemiology Program


Lucile Adams-Campbell speaks with students

Grounded in Georgetown University’s tradition of academic excellence and interdisciplinary studies, our two-year Master of Science in Epidemiology program provides advanced training in the fundamental principles and practice of epidemiology. A unique feature of the Master’s in Epidemiology program is the crosscutting theme of health disparities, motivated by the university’s commitment to social justice and community engagement. aims to train students as public health researchers, practitioners, and leaders in recognition, investigation, and elimination of local, regional, national, and global health disparities.

Degree Competencies

With the nation’s capital serving as its backdrop, Georgetown’s Master of Science in Epidemiology program offers a rich and rewarding environment for academic and scholastic excellence.

Through this program, students will:

  • Develop their ability to understand the principles of social justice and health equity
  • Recognize the biological, social, economic, and political determinants of health disparities nationally and globally
  • Understand and apply epidemiologic methods to the investigation of health disparities
  • Understand the role of community-based and community-engaged research in the amelioration of health disparities
  • Recognize existing disparities across common health conditions and specific methods to eliminate such disparities

Program Specifics

Watch a video overview of the Master of Science in Epidemiology program.
  • Four-semester program
  • Students complete 34 credit hours that include:
    • 22 credits of core courses
    • At least 12 credits in concentration-specific courses, inclusive of a thesis
  • Didactic training, practicums, and applied “hands on” research culminate in a written thesis.

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