Oral and Systemic Health RBH Scholars Program

Meet Our Oral and Systemic Health RBH Scholars

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About the Program

The Georgetown University Oral and Systemic Health RBH Scholars program, funded by the George E. Richmond Foundation, provides summer and academic-year integrative research experiences to undergraduate, graduate and medical students, addressing oral and systemic health disparities in the Washington, DC, Metro area.

Housed in the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities Research (OMH), this interdisciplinary program trains the next generation of scholars to tackle persistent disparities in chronic diseases among the underserved through an approach that links oral health to systemic health.

Students receive didactic and community-engaged research training with an emphasis on projects that investigate social determinants of health as key contributors to local and national oral/systemic health disparities.

The program supports three to five students each year, including undergraduate, graduate and medical students.

Students are mentored by OMH faculty or co-mentored by faculty in the medical and graduate school in collaboration with an OMH faculty. 

Interface with MS in Epidemiology Program

The MS in Epidemiology program, led by Dr. Lucile Adams-Campbell, with areas of concentration including cancer epidemiology, social and behavioral epidemiology, and infectious disease epidemiology, is an ideal didactic platform for the Richmond Scholars. 

It is expected that graduate and medical students in the RBH program will attend selected courses and seminars in the Epidemiology program. 

Student Research Requirement

RBH scholars enrolled in the MS Epidemiology program will conduct their required thesis for the program on oral and systemic health disparities. 

Students not enrolled in the Epidemiology program, such as undergraduate students, will conduct their capstone projects, which are required for many of their programs, on the topic of oral and systemic health.   

Examples of student research projects include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Community-based and engagement research 

For More Information

Undergraduate, graduate and medical students currently enrolled at Georgetown University are welcome to apply to the Oral and Systemic Health RBH Scholars program.

Those interested in learning more about the program may contact T. Chan.